Quality today and tomorrow

The buyer expects the supplier to fulfill his stated and implied needs. That is the definition of quality. The winning comanies are those who deliver the best functionality and the best service, at the right time to the best total cost. That is how quality works. Satisfied customers and survival of the fittest.

The IT business moves. The companies face never-ending demands on functionality and shortening product cycles, in combination with rising costs for marketing, sales, suppliers, development, service and maintenance. This situation does not leave many other options than doing everything right and efficient, from the start. It is too late, too costly and too risky to look for and correct problems when the project is nearing completion

To be successful in the IT business - buyer or supplier - your company needs an approach that combines systematics and flexibility. That is, a skillfully managed and continuously improved quality/management system, tailored for your needs, operating on your conditions.

We develop your IT business

We develop the IT operations - management, development, maintenance, purchase, support and services - in businesses such as IT- industry, service sector, government and institutions, etc. Over the years, we have worked with over 50 companies in Sweden and abroad ranging from 10 to 10 000 employees.

We know how

Our best asset is our solid experience of projects, management, design, service, software and hardware engineering techniques, quality assurance, auditing and consulting.

We know the direction

We participate in Swedish and international boards to set directions for IT quality improvements.

We managed the introduction of TickIT in Sweden, as the second country after the UK. TickIT is a business driven scheme for IT quality, providing guidance for suppliers and purchasers including a scheme for accredited certification against ISO 9000

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