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Quality and operation development.

We provide a unique range of services within consulting, training courses and quality certificate audits (ISO9000 and TickIT). Our solid hands-on experience of projects, design, service, purchase and quality assurance in the field of SW and HW gives a special weight to our services. We know and influence the future by participating in Swedish and international networks for IT quality improvements. Through our initiatives and contacts in SFK Data and the ITQ Nordic Institute, we are active in the very centre of the IT industry.

Project reviews
Supplier management
Management consulting

Courses in IT - Quality techniques
Process and Project quality techniques
Quality/Management system improvement and certification

Our clients ranges from small venture companies to large export industries, within a large selection of businesses - but they all largely depend on SW development, support or purchase. We have helped the clients to largely improve their product quality, leadtimes, image and in the end - their profit and future!
Service sector
State and government
SW product companies
Manufacturing industries
Telecommunication, Finance, etc
Consultants and turn-key developers

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